Nina Prague Guide

About me


I am a professional freelance guide. I was born and raised in Prague. I grew up during communism. I was 15 years old, when was the Velvet Revolution, which began the revival of democracy. The Velvet Revolution has absolutely changed my life.

I graduated from the Charles University (master's degree in Jewish Studies) in 1998. History and reading about the Habsburgs and other European royal families and about the aristocracy was always my hobby. And I was always not only interested in history, but also in religion, politics, architecture and art, so I decided to work as a guide and explain to the tourists the complicated Czech history and show them my charming city of Prague and my country.

I have been giving tours in English since 1998, when I successfully passed all exams required by the Czech Tourism Board and I am officially licensed as a tour guide for all the major tourist attractions in the Czech Republic. So already in 1998 I started to show the beauty of Prague, Prague's world-famous Jewish Quarter, medieval Kutna Hora and other places in the Czech Republic to my clients. I enjoy working with people.

I gradually built-up a large repertory and now I offer guiding services in Prague, as well as in other parts of the Czech Republic. I offer many tours to towns, where you can find UNESCO monuments. For sure you know that UNESCO is the abbreviation of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. By attributing the UNESCO symbol to a site, the entire world community is announcing: "Yes, this is something that is exceptional and unique in the world." And I love the synagogues and other hidden treasures of the Jewish Heritage in my homeland. That is the reason why I offer many Jewish tours.

I can also arrange other related services: transfers to and from the airport or train station, as well as sightseeing transfers from Prague to other Central European cities.

I still study history, architecture, etc. In November 2012 I received my Ph. D. in Jewish Studies from the Charles University.

Among my hobbies are classical music, literature, theatre, Czech fashion, and of course traveling. During my studies I have also tried the lifestyle of Munich and Bad Kreuznach – Germany and Jerusalem – Israel, where I lived (I received a scholarship to the Hebrew University in 1998). The time when I was traveling as a student by hitchhiking all around Central and Western Europe, is over. I still keep traveling, but a bit different way now, as I have a family. I love Sumava Mountains, where I ski, walk with our dog and help to my sister on her animal farm.

Private tours

All the tours are personalized. If you decide to tour with me, please contact me and I will prepare a suggested itinerary that would focus on your personal interests and desires. The programs are always tailor-made: the meeting place, starting time, and duration are flexible.

However, since most people do not have a specific itinerary in mind, I have several standard tours available. They include surveys of the most popular, beautiful and interesting places in the Czech Republic and popular sightseeing transfers in Central Europe. The number of hours prescribed for each tour is a realistic statement based on my experience.

A car and a driver

As for the transportation services, I collaborate with several drivers, they have only comfortable sedans and minivans.