Nina Prague Guide

Special private tours in Prague

Tour: Art Nouveau, Cubism and Functionalism in Czech Art and Architecture

The Municipal House, the Paris Street, the hotel Paris, the district of Vinohrady, the house of the Black Madonna, the Kavarcovic house and the Triplex house at Vysehrad, the Diamond house in the New Town, the Legiobank, the Adria Palace, the Villa Mueller, etc.

Tour: Modern Architecture in Prague – from Havel's Lucerna Palace to Gehry's Fred and Ginger Building

The Lucerna Palace, the Tenement house in Vysehrad, the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, the Church of St. Wenceslas in Vrsovice, the Trade Fair Palace, the former Expo 58 Restaurant, the New Scene of National Theatre, the Zizkov TV Tower, the Dancing house, the National Technical Library, the hotel Josef, the New Orange Conservatory, etc.

Tour: Contemporary Art in Prague Galleries

The National Gallery: the Trade Fair Palace – collection of Modern and Contemporary Art, DOX – centre for Contemporary Art, Architecture and Design, Kampa Museum in the Sova's Mills – collections of Frantisek Kupka, Otto Gutfreund and Central European modern art.

Shopping tour in Prague Galleries and Glass Studios

Jiri Svestka Gallery – the leading Czech private gallery, which is promoting international Modern and Contemporary art in the Czech Republic and abroad, as well as introducing young Czech artists to the global audience. Jiri Svestka Gallery presents the permanent exhibition of representative works by Josef Capek, Emil Filla, Antonin Slavicek, Vaclav Spala and Max Svabinsky from the Vincenc Kramar Collection.

DOX by Qubus – the gallery and design shop, which offers glassware, porcelain, interior design objects and other works by leading Czech designers. Sales Gallery Moser.

Meridian Gallery – one of the most popular glass galleries; you can find here works of all well known Czech authors. Design lounge, Factory shop Borek Sipek – Borek Sipek is a worldwide known architect and designer, reputable professor, visionary, cosmopolitan. Hunt Kastner Artworks.

Shopping tour: Fashion in Prague

When I was, as I always say, “a rich student”, I used to shop at the top fashion designers in Prague. Now I am more "a soccer mom"…But I still love to shop at the Czech fashion showrooms. I will take you to the fashion boutiques of our most famous fashion designers like Klara Nademlynska, Beata Rajska, Ivana Follova, Helena Fejkova, Tatiana Kovarikova, Libena Rochova, Hana Zarubova, Martina Nevarilova, E.danieli, etc. I am sure you are going to buy some nice piece there!

Tour: The Nazi terror

If you are interested in the situation in our country prior and during the World War II, this is a tour for you! We will talk about the rise of the Sudetendeutche Partei, the Munich Agreement, the German Occupation, the Closure of the Czech Universities, the assassination of acting German protectorate administrative Reinhard Heydrich, the Heydrichiad (the wave of terror), etc. And of course we will visit the crypt of the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius, the Army Museum in Zizkov, etc.

Tour: The Fight for Democracy

I belong to the generation that is in the Czech Republic known as "Husak's children" (G. Husak was for many years the General Secretary of the Communist Party) – I was born in Communist country. I grew up during Communism and I was 15 years old, when was the Velvet Revolution, which began the revival of democracy. As a teenager at the time of the Velvet Revolution I was of course very sensitive. The revolution started in Prague and I was demonstrating on the Wenceslas Square and at Letna. I remember that time very well; honestly the revolution has absolutely changed my life. But we will talk not only about the revolution, but about the post war history in general. So we will discuss the re-establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1945 and the Communist Coup in 1948, the political trials, the currency reform in 1953, the Prague Spring and Alexander Dubcek, the Soviet Occupation, the death of Jan Palach, the Charter 77, Vaclav Havel, etc.

Private visit to the Strahov Library rooms

Upon your request I can arrange for you a private visit of the historical halls (the Theological Hall and the Philosophical Hall) of the Strahov Library.

Boat trip to Prague ZOO or the Troja Chateau and the Prague Botanic Garden

Are you coming to Prague with your kids? The boat trip to Prague ZOO is for sure something they will love. When the sun is shining and the weather is fine, the boat ride is a wonderful way, how to take in the beautiful sites of the city from a different perspective. Most children find boats quite entertaining, and the changing scenery will usually keep them interested for some time. In Prague ZOO you can spend long time with the kids. Apart from all the wonderful animals, there are a sightseeing train, several playgrounds for kids, a great wooden viewing platform and for the brave an old-fashioned but safe cable railway which offers spectacular views over the zoo as well as western Prague. If you do not want to visit ZOO, but you enjoy the Baroque architecture, then a nice boat trip from the downtown of Prague to the Troja chateau is something for you. And you can combine it with the visit of the Prague Botanic Garden. At the Botanic Garden you can enjoy open air exhibitions, arranged as an impressive park, historical Vineyard of St. Claire, Japanese Garden, tropical greenhouse Fata Morgana. Also of importance, the natural surrounding is far away from the disturbing influence of the city.

Tour: Franz Kafka, Jaroslav Hasek, Karel Capek, Jan Werich, Josef Skvorecky, Milan Kundera, Ivan Klima, Vaclav Havel and Prague

Visit the places connected with the most popular Czech writers and their books.

Tour: Music in Prague

We will talk about the Czech composers like Bedrich Smetana, Antonin Dvorak, Leos Janacek, Bohuslav Martinu, Zdenek Fibich, and Jaroslav Jezek, discuss the stay of W. A. Mozart in Prague, etc. And we will visit the museums and places connected with those composers – the Czech Museum of Music, the Bertramka – Museum of W. A. Mozart, the Villa America – Museum of Antonin Dvorak, Bedrich Smetana Museum, the cemetery at Vysehrad, etc.

Theatre tours

Upon your request I can arrange for you a private visit of the interiors of the National Theatre or the Estates Theatre.

Tour: Prague Parks and Gardens

Prague Castle Gardens, the Palace Gardens bellow the Prague Castle, the Wallenstein (Valdstejn) Garden, Gardens on Petrin hill, Letna and the Royal Park, the Hvezda (the Star) Hunting Lodge, the Vrtba Garden, the Franciscans' Garden, the Ladronka, etc.